Pulitzer Prize-winning author

The Cloud

The Cloud by Matt Richtel

A late-night accident on a San Francisco subway platform has altered Nat Idle’s reality. But then, there are no accidents.

Disoriented and bloodied after a near-deadly fall onto the subway tracks, freelance journalist Nat Idle discovers that a beautiful stranger has come to his aid . . . and that the burly man who barreled into him on the subway platform had intended to do Nat harm. What he doesn’t know is why—and his quest for answers leads him to uncover a handful of mysterious deaths, and a bizarre neurological disorder plaguing Bay Area children . . . as he ventures ultimately into the Cloud.

In a brave new world, the Cloud is where we store data, secrets, dreams. But it is something more—something insidious with the power to change not just how we interact with the world, but our behavior, and brains. Nat, in search of the truth, finds himself lost in a psychedelic maze, discovering things that cannot possibly be, realizing there is no one and nothing he can trust . . . not even his own mind.

advanced praise: 
“A pulse-pounding, down-the-rabbit-hole-tale where everyone has a secret, information comes at a deadly price, and danger is always closer than you think. Be prepared to stay up very late; this book is worth it!”  – #1  New York Times bestselling crime novelist Lisa Gardner

“THE CLOUD is a non-stop, paranoid thriller whose terrors are all too believable. Richtel spins today’s cutting-edge technology into a story that will keep you guessing to the last page–and render you speechless when its final secret is revealed.”– New York Times bestselling thriller writer Joseph Finder 

“Crackles with tension and rings with authenticity from the first page to the last…This one is a winner.” – New York Times bestselling thriller writer Steve Berry

For more information about the book, and to buy it, please visit Harper Collins.


One response

  1. Donna James

    Such a clever story. Witty, and with a science backbone, this novel will appeal to a diverse audience. Reminded me of the H.F. Saint treasure (there was only one, more’s the pity). I’m pleased to be a fan of Nat Idle. More, please!


    July 28, 2015 at 7:49 pm

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