Pulitzer Prize-winning author


Devil's PlaythingWHO: Medical writer Nat Idle.
WHAT: An explosion that almost kills him.
WHERE: San Francisco. An Internet cafe
WHEN: Now.
WHY: No one knows.
HOW: A bomb.

When medical journalist Nat Idle narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet cafe; after receiving a mysterious note warning him to leave, he becomes enmeshed in the most dangerous assignment of his life. Nat believes that the handwriting on the lifesaving note belongs to his dead girlfriend, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist he has been obsessively mourning. Compelled to begin a fevered quest to solve the mystery of his lost love, he is forced to confront the underbelly of the digital revolution, and question his own sanity.

•Booksense Pick
•San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller
•Denver Post Bestseller
•Rocky Mountain News Bestseller

“Pure, heart-pounding escapism.Thrill rating: four stars.”
“I was so drawn in at one point that I had my nose in the book while walking across my garage. I tripped on a stray skateboard and smacked my head on the garage floor . . . You can still knock somebody out with a novel.”
– New York Newsday
“Powerful . . . a page-turning thrill read. A frighteningly current spellbinder.”
– Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“A brisk read filled with twists and turns and a leave-you-hanging feeling at the end of every succinct chapter, ‘Hooked’ is a cool, often funny, thriller…., despite the super contemporary themes, it’s an old-fashioned yarn with a likable hero that simply makes you want to turn the page to find out what happened next.”
– San Francisco Examiner
“A shrewd cinematic thriller.”
– Booklist
“A brainy update on classic noir novels…you can’t wait to find out what happens next. Hooked? Addicting.”
– Bethanne Patrick, Publisher’s Weekly
“HOOKED is not only an exciting thriller but also a remarkably moving and human story, and a very funny novel as well.”
– David Liss, Edgar Award-winning author of A Conspiracy of Paper
“Rocking good fun. It’s terrific entertainment and Richtel’s voice is strong and clear from the novel’s opening.”
– New Orleans Times Picayune
“Exciting . . . action-packed . . . a fascinating personal thriller.”
– Midwest Book Review
“I know it’s a cliche but I literally could not put it down.Read it on your next cross-country flight. I bet you’ll finish it by the time you land.”
– Kristen Philipkoski, Wired
“An addictively intriguing modern thriller”
– Santa Rosa Press Democrat
“A jolting debut. Richtel manages to produce one entertaining, and dare I say, addictive, read.”
– Fredericksburg, Va. –Virginia Freelance Star