Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Devil’s Plaything

The number of people suffering acute memory loss is doubling every fifteen years.
Shipments of computer memory are doubling every two years.

Are these two statistics related?
More than you dare imagine

Lane Idle carries a secret. But she can’t remember it. She can’t remember anything. She’s in her 80s and suffers severe dementia. That’s too bad because one of the secrets she carries around inside her head is so dangerous that, unless it’s exposed, it could change the world– much for the worse.

Her grandson, Nat Idle, is a 30-something investigative medical journalist, smart and witty but rough around the edges, with commitment issues. Now he faces his toughest-ever assignment: figuring out the secret inside his grandmother’s head before a conspiracy goes deadly wrong. It leads him on a hyper-speed chase to find the conspirators who want to stop him from getting into Lane’s brain, at the very time they want to tinker with the rest of our brains.

The story begins with Nat taking his grandmother on a walk in Golden Gate Park. It is pleasant enough…at least until the gunshots. Bullets rip into the tree above where the pair walk. They dive for cover. It seems like a random shooting. But then Nat starts looking at the clues. What follows is the most unusual buddy story – a seasoned investigator and his octogenarian grandmother working against the clock to put together the pieces of a puzzle decades in the making but with the ultra-modern implications. Nat ultimately discover a dark secret from grandma’s past, and an even darker one about Silicon Valley. Devil’s Plaything is at a medical thriller with an emotional core that that explores the emergence of ‘neuro-tech’ –the collision of neuroscience and high technology.

“Numerous plot twists and cliffhangers keep the reader turning the pages in this plausible if disquieting scenario of Big Brother not only watching but also messing with minds.”  – Publisher’s Weekly

“Fast Pacing keeps the pages turning in this entertaining thriller.” — Booklist Review

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